Surge Protection & Circuit Breakers

Surge Protection & Circuit Breakers

  • Lightning Current Arrester (Flashtrab)

    Takes the frightout of lightning (TYPE 1/Class B – 10/350µs)

    “Flashtrab” family with KEMA certification offer high-capacity surge arresters in a standardized, user-friendly installation design. It should be installed at main distribution panel.

    • Single high capacity spark gap arresters
    • Pluggability with status and remote indication facility
    • Free from line follow current and no need of fuse in series
  • Surge Voltage arrester (Valvetrab)

    Surge Protection for the control cabinet (Type II/Class C – 8/20µs)

    VALVETRAB is for protection against switching surges. “Valvetrab” family with KEMA certification can fit into the small space requirements common with industrial, telecom and control cabinets and for the sub-distribution level power supply.

    • Pluggable with mechanical and remote indication
    • Thermal disconnect device
    • No need of fuse up to 315 A load current
  • Device circuit breakers

    Protection against fault current

    Provides information about fault without disconnection. It is available for Alternating & Direct currents

    Device Circuit breakers

    Protection against overload / Short circuiting / Attenuation available for 0.1 Amp to 40 Amp DC load current

  • Signal line Surge arrester


    Pluggable solution for all signal circuit protection


    The TERMITRAB product range offers surge protection against lightning and switching surges for Signal circuits with a design width of just 3.5 mm. KEMA /CCOE/ATEX certified and SIL 2 complied.

    • Both of the above are compatible with HART and foundation field bus applications