Sensor Connectors

Sensor Connectors

  • PLUSCON FIELD : Sensor/actuator cable

    Application : Drag chain, Robotics, Welding, Food & Beverage, Outdoor, Railways, Fieldbus Communication, Solenoid Valves and Pharmaceuticals

    Type of interfaces : M8 and M12

    Pin Configuration : 3 to 17 poles

    Power Ratings : Up to 600 V, 13 A

    Cable lengths : Up to 40 meters

  • PLUSCON FIELD : Sensor/actuator cable connectors

    Application: Sensors, Solenoids Valves, ETHERNET, PROFINET and Field bus communication

    Type of interfaces: M8, M12 and 7/8’’

    Pin Configuration: 3 to 17 poles

    Power Ratings : up to 600 V, 16A

    Connection Technology : Screw, Solder, Crimp, Piercecon,Push-in, QUICKON (IDC)

  • PLUSCON FIELD : Sensor/actuator cabling boxes

    Application : Outdoor, Food industry,Machine building

    Type of interfaces : M8 and M12

    No. of Sensors slots : Up to 16

    Sensor Type : For with or without wire, PNP, NPN and Universal Sensors

    Status Indication : With and Without LED

  • PLUSCON Installation : Power Connectors and distributors

    Application : Hanging Connection, Panel feed-through, 1-in & 3 – out distribution and T distribution

    Power ratings : Up to 690 V, 40A

    Wire Size : Up to 6 mm2

    Cable diameter : Up to 20 mm

  • PLUSCON heavy : Heavy-duty plug-in connectors

    Application: Panel feed-through, Surface Mounting, Hanging / Coupling Solution, Blind Mating Connection

    Pin Configuration: 3 to 216 pole

    Power Ratings : Up to 5000 V, 200 A

    Connection Technology : Screw, Crimp, Push-in, QUICKON (IDC), Axial Screw, Fiber Optics and Pneumatics

    Housing Material : Plastic and Metal

  • PLUSCON Cabinet : Installation and mounting solutions

    Cable entry system: Frames for 6, 8 and 10 cables Cable Sleeves up to 33 mm outer cable diameter

    Din rail plug connectors : Up to 108 poles

    Service interfaces: Different combinations of Universal Power socket, RJ45, USB and D-Sub IP65 protection

  • PLUSCON Data : Network Cables

    ETHERNET: For CAT5e and CAT6a applications

    PROFINET: For 4-wire, CAT5e applications

    Fiber Optics : Multimode glass and polymer fiber

    Fieldbus: PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet/CAN open, FOUNDATION and ASI Cable