Safety Relay

Safety Relay

  • Safety Relay for Machine

    • Wide Range of safety relay for E-STOP
    • Door Switch, Magnetic Switch, Light Curtain and Two Hand control applications
    • Meet high level of Safety up to PL “e” as per ISO-13849
    • Available Output contact as per application requirement with instantaneous delayed
      contact option
  • Safety Interlock Switch

    • The PSR switch is an electronic, coded safety switch with a compact design
    • With integrated RFID transponder technology and intelligence
    • Can receive maximum protection against tampering and outstanding safety in accordance
      with EN ISO 14119
    • Safe series connection with comprehensive diagnostic information Consistent M12 connection technology for convenient installation.
    • Safe, cost-effective complete solution for the digital factor
  • Configurable Safety Module

    • Multifunction use for a wide range of safety function
    • Flexible extension with safe inputs and outputs
    • Easy graphical configuration instead of complex programming
    • Quick start up thanks
  • Stand still speed monitoring Safety Relay

    Highly compact downtime monitoring without additional sensors

    With the narrow PSR-MM25 zero-speed safety relays, machine downtime is monitored without the need for additional sensors, and an interlocking device, for example, is actuated. To detect downtime, a voltage induced in a motor winding is evaluated.

    • Overall width 12.5 mm
    • Easy startup via configuration button
    • Can be used for machines with and without frequency converters
    • Force-guided relay outputs, two signal outputs
  • Compact zero-speed and over-speed safety relay

    With PSR-MM30 zero-speed and over-speed safety relay, you can monitor up to three different operating modes in addition to zero-speed mode. PSR-MM30 ensures high system availability, due to reliable measuring procedure.

    • Overall width 22.5 mm
    • Compatible with modern safety encoders up to SIL 3
    • Motion detection via encoder or proximity switch
    • Force-guided relay outputs, configurable signal outputs
    • Live monitoring with the PSR motion software
    • Startup via USB connection
    • Compatible with PSRswitch safety switches, thanks to integrated safety door monitoring
    • Up to PL e and SIL 3