• Relay : Highly-compact PLC-INTERFACE

    The PLC-INTERFACE relay system is the interface between the controller and system I/O devices.The relay comply to protection up to RTIII (IP67) standard and safe isolation according to DIN EN 50178 (VDE 0160).

    • Compact design 1CO in 6 mm & 2CO in 14 mm widths
    • Electromechanical and Opto-coupler are interchangeable
    • Special relay bases for sensor/actuator/universal connection
    • Bridging, marking, adaptor for easy and quick wiring
    • Relay base with interference filter to ensure reliable switching
  • Relay : RIFLINE Complete

    RIFLINE complete industrial relay range covers complete function of isolate, multiply or amplify signals. It offers switching of one milliamps to replacement for miniature power contactor with currents up to 16 A with common plug-in shorting bridge and test plug accessories

    • The relay system with a consistent plug-in design, dedicated test point and marking flag provide enhancement in inspection and clear identification
    • Universal clipline shorting bridge for potential distribution
    • Inbuilt over ride function and mechanical status on relay
    • Pluggable multifunction timer make easy to get timer function up to 4CO contact
  • Relay : Special Function

    There are a number of applications in industries where ordinary relays are not preferred due to limited functionality. For such special and specific applications, Phoenix Contact has introduced Special Purpose relays as:

    • Relay interfaces for switching high inrush loads
    • Power Circuit breaker solid state relay with short circuit proof
    • 100 kHz switching relay and Inverter Module
    • Electronic sensor terminal block for NAMUR proximity sensors
    • Relays for railways application for vibration and shock resistance