• Inline Class 100 series Modular small scale controller

    Inline controllers are the proven all-rounders in the control cabinet. These devices support all common communication technologies such as Ethernet and mobile communication. In addition, they can be extended with a variety of Inline I/O terminals. Thanks to integrated Modbus/TCP, the controllers communicate with numerous fieldbus devices without any additional programming, both passively as a Modbus server as well as actively as a Modbus client. In addition, the parameterization memory can be expanded with an SD card.

    Your advantages
    • High processing speed, thanks to the high-performance Altera NIOS II processor
    • Maximum flexibility in I/O connectivity, thanks to integrated fieldbus master and Modbus/TCP
    • Expandable through the addition of functions with optional parameterization memory on an SD card
    • Optimal communication with integrated, freely programmable web server
    • Versatile use, as all common Ethernet protocols are supported
    • Easy to integrate in existing PROFINET networks by means of PROFINET device functionality
    • Programmable as per IEC 61131-3
  • Axioline Class 1000 & 3000 series Fast and robust PLC

    Axiocontrol PLC with local Axioline F I/O and safety modules

    The PLCs from the Axiocontrol series (AXC) are designed for maximum performance, easy handling, and use in harsh industrial environments. Their particularly robust housing and excellent EMC properties provide the basis for this. Furthermore, they provide increased safety, thanks to an integrated uninterruptible power supply. Together with the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact, Axiocontrol controllers offer maximum speed, thanks to direct bus connectio

    Your advantages
    • Thanks to high performance Altera NIOS II & Intel Atom E660 processor
    • Reliable, thanks to robust housing and a High level of EMC protection
    • Increased safety thanks to an integrated uninterruptible power supply
    • Safe wiring time with Push-in connection technology
    • Fast access, e.g. for diagnostics, thanks to USB connection
    • More parameterization memory, thanks to optional SD card
  • Remote Field Controllers (RFC ) Class 400 Redundant and safe PLCs with maximum performance

    With the Remote Field Controller (RFC) high-performance controllers you can realize, for example, automation applications that have special safety or availability requirements. For applications requiring the highest safety level, play it safe with our safety controllers up to SIL 3. Redundant control systems help you reduce downtimes, work cost-effectively, and also avoid potential dangers, e.g., in tunnels or at airports. RFC controllers are based on PROFINET and establish system redundancy automatically, thanks to AutoSync Technology.

    • Maximum system availability, thanks to redundancy
    • Realization of the highest safety requirements in accordance with SIL 3 or PLe
    • Easy handling, thanks to the integration of standard and safety functions
    • Integration of PLCnext Technology possible in the RFC 4072S
    • High resolution display with plain text messages for local diagnostics
  • Software PLC From Industrial PC to Controller

    Industrial PCs for visualization and operation are often only utilized to a limited extent. Make use of the available resources and transform your industrial PC into a full-fledged controller as well.

    With Software PLC solution from Phoenix Contact , the industrial PC is transformed into the central control unit, operator interface, and visualization unit of your system. As the separate controller hardware is no longer required, wiring effort and control cabinet volumes are significantly reduced.

    PC WORX SRT has a low hardware profile, allowing it to be installed on almost all Windows PCs – making it ideal for small applications

    PC WORX RT BASIC offers the high performance expected of a conventional controller and is suitable for sophisticated tasks.

    Your advantages with the RT BASIC software PLC
    • Crash-proof operating system
    • Optimum connection, thanks to integrated web server and support for all common IT standards
    • AX OPC server support
    • Programming, visualization, and control can be performed on the same hardware
    • Programming with PC Worx
    • Easy communication via PROFINET or Modbus using the PC’s Ethernet interfac
  • Controllers based on PLCnext Technology Open control platform

    PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact is a unique, open ecosystem for modern automation capable of meeting all the challenges of the IoT world. The PLCnext Controllers enable the realization of automation projects without the limitations of proprietary systems. You can connect to the Proficloud directly, and integrate cloud services individually. The PLCnext Control devices enable parallel programming based on established software tools. Thus, for example, you can freely combine functions in accordance with IEC 61131-3 with routines from C/C++, C#, or MATLAB® Simulink®, and merge these to create a complete system.

    Your advantages
    • PLC-typical real-time performance and data consistency, also for high-level languages and model-based code
    • Limitless adaptability, thanks to quick, simple integration of open-source software, apps, and future technologies
    • Intelligent networking through cloud connection and integration of current and future communication standards
    • Quick application development: several developers can work independently in different programming languages
    • Convenient engineering with your favorite programming tool
  • AXC F 2152 Controller based on PLCnext technolog

    Based on PLCnext Technology, AXF F 2152 Controller offers the reliability and robustness of the classical PLC world with the openness and flexibility of Smart Devices.

    The PLCnext AXC F 2152 controller for the Axioline I/O system is fast, robust and easy to use. It has been consistently designed for maximum performance, easy handling and use in harsh industrial environments.

    Your advantages
    • Dual Core 800 Mhz ARM Cortex Processor with 512 MB RAM
    • PROFINET support
    • Direct connection to PROFICLOUD
    • Numerous protocols supported such as: http, https, FTP, SNTP, SNMP, SMTP, SQL, MySQL, DCP, etc.
    • Up to 63 AXIO I/O modules can be mounted side by side
    • 2 x Ethernet interfaces (integrated switch)
    • Increased resistance to EMI
    • Extended temperature range of -25°C … +60°C
    • Linux operating system
    • Supports high-level languages
  • I/O systems for the control cabinet (IP20)

    Modular, Reliable and flexible communication for all field bus systems


    • The highly modular I/O system with wide range of I/Os and function terminals for all popular fieldbus systems and Ethernet networks.
    • Maximum flexibility, thanks to a large selection of I/O terminals, function terminals, bus couplers, and controllers
    • The narrow overall width and tailored number of channels of the I/O terminals save space in the control cabinet
    • International approvals as well as safety and Ex i modules enable a wide range of applications
    • Local bus extension to the field without additional bus couplers, thanks to the branch terminal
    Axioline F
    • Modular I/O system for the control cabinet
    • Open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols and available in various designs
    • Increased machine output, thanks to particularly fast and synchronous signal acquisition
    • Particularly robust mechanics, shock and vibration resistance withstand even the most adverse conditions and increase system availability
    • Installation time is reduced, thanks to fast wiring and easy handling
  • I/O systems for field installation (IP65/67)

    Robust and flexible I/O devices for your distributed signal acquisition Axioline E

    The I/O system with a block design for field installation. Open to all Ethernet-based communication protocols and available in two housing


    • Save installation time, thanks to the SPEEDCON fast locking system
    • Minimize downtimes, thanks to a high level of mechanical robustness
    • A wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C increases the variety of possible applications
    • One cable for all supply voltages with 2x 12 A simplifies the cabling effort and saves installation time
    • Greater flexibility, thanks to IO-Link communication
    Fieldline modular – The flexible I/O system
    • Optimum system planning through the use of a network-independent local bus structure
    • Supply up to 16 local bus devices on one bus coupler, at an increased I/O volume for cost savings
    • Increased flexibility when system planning, thanks to the integration option in the IP20 I/O Inline system
    • Simplified ordering process, due to one-piece and complete device
  • HMI

    Keep a closer eye on Automation

    Thanks to numerous interfaces, drivers and display sizes, HMIs from Phoenix Contact can be perfectly integrated into your system.

    With TP 3000 series, licenses for the VISU+ software and AX OPC Server are already included.

    Phoenix Contact Basic Touch Panel (BTP 2xxx) series offers a great solution for applications focused on cost-driven and OEM-related projects. Available in 4”, 7” and 10” display variants.

  • Industrial PC

    Specialists for every application

    Together with the right software, industrial PCs (IPCs) are efficient and versatile solutions for controlling, operating, and monitoring systems and machines.

    • High system availability, thanks to fanless design suitable for industrial applications and the absence of moving parts
    • Long-term availability, thanks to Intel Embedded Roadmap components
    • Large-scale compatibility, thanks to open IT standards and numerous interfaces
    • Particularly easy to maintain, thanks to easily accessible components in the IPC housing
    • Individualized solutions, thanks to customer-specific adaptations to hardware and software
    • Processor performance suited to the application with the latest generation of high-performance and energy-efficient Intel Atom, Celeron, Pentium®or Core™i processors
    • Operating systems for every application: Windows®7, Windows®Embedded Standard 7 or Windows®10 IoT Enterprise LTSB
  • Industrial Cloud Computing

    PROFICLOUD – The open IoT platform

    As an open, scalable IoT platform, Proficloud offers you intelligent communication, networked control technology, smart cloud services, and comprehensive data analysis – all with the highest level of security. Using the Proficloud platform as a foundation, manufacturing companies and service providers alike can set up their own web applications and develop, operate, and market cloud services. Thanks to PLCnext Technology from Phoenix Contact, you can achieve a seamless transition from the control level to Proficloud. As is to be expected, our Edge controllers perform process-oriented data processing quickly and in real time. The selected and processed data is then securely transferred to the Proficloud.

    • Proficloud offers you a high degree of access protection since the data transmission of the Proficloud devices is protected by TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) encryption.
    • Redundant servers and automatic backups provide for permanent and up-to-date availability of your data
    • Future-proof, because the infrastructure, platform, and software are always kept up to date automatically
    • Scalability, thanks to dynamic IT services that can be quickly and individually adjusted to your requirements
    • Freely configurable dashboards for convenient monitoring of all relevant process parameters