PCB Connectors & Terminals & Housing

PCB Connectors & Terminals & Housing

  • COMBICON Bonding and Connection Technology

    Connection Technology

    COMBICON is available with various connection technologies such as Screw, Spring-cage, Crimp, IDC, T-Lox, Push lock etc.

    Bonding Methods

    COMBICON offers you solution for various manufacturing processes such as Wave soldering, SMD, THR, Press-in and SKEDD.

  • COMBICON Control

    Connection Solution for measurement, control technology and I/O modules: PCB terminal blocks and plug-in connectors for rating up to 24 A, 630 V and pitch up to 7.62 mm.

    • Lock & release option
    • Fast Connection
    • Multi-level connections possible
  • COMBICON Compact and High Density & Data

    Compact in dimension with fast and user friendly connection is the latest trend for electronics. Modules in building automation and lighting industry. In line with this trend Phoenix Contact offers Combicon Compact and HD connectors which are rated up to 32 A, 800 V and pitch up to 7.5 mm.

    • Orthogonal design
    • Miniaturized/compact design
    • Multiple cable entry option with same connector
  • COMBICON Power

    Connection solution for power electronics: PCB terminal blocks and plug-in connectors rated up to 232 A, 1000 V and pitch up to 20 mm.

    • Fixed, pluggable and feed-through option
    • Click & lock option
    • Optional Shielded connection
  • Feed-through terminal blocks for high-current applications

    Panel feed-through terminal blocks provide a reliable and convenient conductor connection rating up to 309 A, 1000 V and wire cross-section up to 150 sq.mm.

    • Various fixing options like screw, flange and rivet
    • Fastening through tool-free snap-in locking
    • For panel thickness of 1 to 6 mm
  • Special purpose COMBICON

    Wire to wire solution

    COMBICON also offers solution focusing industries like Machine building, Control Cabinet etc. i.e. these connections don’t require PCBs such as:

    • DIN rail mountable pluggable solution
    • Surface mounted pluggable solution
    • Hanging solution
  • COMBICON Service and Solution

    COMBICON offers variability as well i.e.customer specific solution such as:

    • Partial Assembly
    • Printing
    • Screw Variants
    • Coding
    • Bridging/Sorting
    • Color variant
  • PLUSCON data For copper cabling

    It offers connection solution for industrial applications with IP20 and IP65 / IP67 protection for communication interfaces.

    Data Solution for copper cabling Plug-in connectors, panel feed-through, and cables for fieldbuses and networks: D-SUB, RJ45, M8, M12, 7/8’’, SCRJ and USB

    Solutions for copper cabling
    • Up to 10 Gbps
    • Protection class IP20 to IP69K
    • 4-and 8-pos. versions
    • Spring, pierce, and IDC displacement connection
    • 360° shielding concept
  • PLUSCON new energies

    The first tool less connection system for photovoltaics – simple efficiency!

    Innovative & reliable connection technology for your photovoltaic panels, inverters or the complete photovoltaic system.

    Solution for
    • Currents up to 65 A for DC & up to 70 A for AC
    • Voltages up to 1500 V for DC & up to 690 V for AC
    • Connection cross sections from 2.5 to 16 mm2
    • Connection technology for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
    • IP68 protection (24 h/2 m)
  • PLUSCON circular

    M17 to M58 circular connectors

    Flush-type plug-in connectors, plug-in connectors for assembly from M17 to M58 for signals, data and power.

    Solution for
    • Currents up to 150 A
    • Voltages up to 630 V
    • Sizes M17, M23, M40 & M58
    • Connection cross sections up to 50 mm2
    • IP67 protection
  • Basic Housings for Universal Use


    These housing ranges provide ideal solutions for cost-effective design of industrial electronics to suit control cabinet requirements.

    • Cost effective solution
    • Easy mounting on DIN Rail
    • Connection technology in various pitches can be used
  • Building installation housings according to DIN EN 43880

    BC, BC Modular, RPI-BC

    These housings have been designed for future-oriented applications and enables maximum flexibility. RPI-BC has been introduced to accommodate Raspberry Pi minicomputers. Suitable for versions A+, B+, B2 and B3

    • Transparent & Opaque cover options for display and marking
    • H-BUS connector for modular communication
    • Flexibility in mounting style: Wall & DIN Rail mountable
  • Housings for mobile devices


    These housings offer flexibility in mounting style with the help of accessories and also easy integration of display and keypads is possible.

  • Service center and customer specific solutions

    Phoenix Contact can offer various services like:

    Color variants :Drilling

    Cutting :Milling

    Punching :Printing etc.

    Customer specific requirements like:

    • Adaptations in tools
    • Development of component
    • Complete new housing