Motor Starters

Motor Starters

  • Hybrid Motor Starter & Motor Manager

    CONTACTRON Hybrid Motor Starter is a microprocessor-controlled combination of wear free solid state and rugged contactor. It offers up to six functions in one device.Due to solid state switching it ensures higher service life and it is noise free than mechanical contactors.

    • Hybrid Motor Starter (up to 4.5 KW / 3 ϕ motor)
    • Smart Wiring with Gateway for different bus systems
    • Inbuilt interlocking and multifunction single device save 75% less wiring time and less space
    • Safety levels of SIL3 & PLe
    • Motor Manager for real power monitoring(U, I, P, S, Q, cos ϕ, …)
  • Solid State Contactors

    Solid-State Contactors allow quick, frequent, and wear-free switching, for example of motors and heaters/pumps/valves. The CONTACTRON SolidState Contactors are resistant to shocks, vibrations, and aggressive, polluted environments.

    • Integrated locking & load wiring
    • Solid State Contactor (up to 37 A / 3 ϕ motor)
    • Solid State Contactor (up to 50 A / 1 ϕ motor)
    • Stable and fast switching
    • Solid-state Contactors provide smooth starting and stopping functions to suppress sudden motor operation and thus reduce mechanical stress